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Tagtual The one stop shop for NFC - Near Field Communication

What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a fast growing technology that uses radio frequency to communicate with devices. As the name suggests, the devices can only communicate over very short distances. Two NFC enabled devices can communicate with each other without the need of complicated setup or pairing...

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The Smarter Mall Experience

Using NFC, Tagtual Technologies has developed an application that employs the information about services provided by the mall as a means of aiding and engaging with their clientele.

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Street Parking Revenue Automation

Street Parking Revenue Automation Is a NFC based parking fee collection system where parking fees for cars can be collected by the parking attendant with just a tap on the NFC sticker on the car. The prepaid parking balance can be loaded by any of our partners.

List of NFC enabled phones

A list of the devices that make you NFC enabled....

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Instap - Coffee table of the future

Tagtual introduces Instap - Coffee Table of the Future, a one of its kind application for hotels and restaurants. Instap takes the comfort of restaurant patrons a step ahead with its fresh new way of connecting with them. With a tap of your phone, you can launch the menu - and much more.

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NFC Business cards

Tagtual is the first company to provide NFC based business cards. With these business cards, you can easily share contact information with just a tap of the card to your phone.

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NFC based wedding invitation cards

Another in a series of firsts by Tagtual, NFC enabled wedding cards are a sure shot way to wow your family and friends. This unique blend of tradition and technology ensures a hassle free and memorable experience for your loved ones.

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In the Media

Tagtual has gotten mention in various media outlets, including both the traditional and technology oriented news. Read More..