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Tagtual The one stop shop for NFC - Near Field Communication - NFC

Tagtual The one stop shop for NFC - Near Field Communication

What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a fast growing technology that uses radio frequency to communicate with devices. As the name suggests, devices can communicate only over very short distances. Two NFC enabled devices can communicate with each other without the need of any complicated setup or pairing thus making it easier for anybody with an NFC based phone/device to adopt the technology.

NFC communication happens between elements in one of three modes. These are the Reader/Writer mode, Card emulation mode and Peer to Peer communication.

Reader/Writer mode

In Reader/Writer mode the active device powers the passive device (NFC tags and cards) to access its information (like coupons, maps, product information etc).

Card Emulation mode

A NFC device in this mode replaces contactless cards and can be conveniently used with existing contactless card infrastructure in day to day applications like ticketing, payment etc

Peer to Peer communication

This mode allows two NFC devices to share data by creating a secondary high speed connection like Bluetooth or WiFi between them



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